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Lannette Johnston RN,BSN, iRNPA, MS
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About Me

I have a very passionate spirit and a caring, empathetic approach to helping my patients. My passion for top notch patient care has contributed to my success in health care. I have been dedicated to patient care for 20 years as a Registered Nurse.  I believe that every patient should receive “simply the best” health care.  I hold numerous degrees and certifications which include: Diploma in Cardiovascular Technology, Associates Degree in Nursing, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Master of Science Degree in Health and Human Services Administration, Independent RN Patient Advocate, Certified Passenger Seat Technician, Certified Health Coach, and Certified Master Trainer of Chronic Disease Self-Management.  I believe in treating the “whole-person’s well-being” rather than “disease suppression” in my practice as an RN patient advocate and Health Coach.

Personal Statement

As your independent RN Patient Advocate, I will:

  • Thoroughly research your illness.
  • Explain the variety of treatment options.
  • Guide you through the health care arena.
  • Be with you during your illness and advocate for your health safety.
  • Collaborate with your health team members and coordinate your chosen plan.
  • Empower you on how to make a difference in your health.
  • Listen effectively to your health care concerns.

Services Provided

I am very passionate for helping others through challenging situations. I have both clinical education and experience to provide the following services: Patient Advocacy, Healthy Lifestyle Coaching, Health Education and Wellness Programs, Injury Prevention Programs, Parent/Caregiver Coaching for the chronically ill child, patient empowerment, and motivational speaking.  I am a registered nurse in two states: Pennsylvania and Florida.

RN Patient Advocate Services



My clinical experience is diverse and extensive:

  • Breast Cancer
  • Women’s Health 
  • Cardiac Care
  • Critical Care
  • Chronic Disease Self-Management Master Trainer
  • Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation
  • Emergency Care
  • Domestic Violence
  • Geriatrics
  • American Heart Association Instructor for Adult & Pediatric Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
  • Health Promotion, Injury, and Illness Prevention Programs
  • Employee Wellness
  • Home Health
  • Integrative Medicine
  • Intensive Care
  • Medical Surgical
  • Pediatric Services for the technology dependent child



Patient Advocacy

Lannette Johnston Testimonial

Lou and Kathy Michaels Villages, Florida


On December 9, 2013 my husband Lou suffered a cardiac arrest.  As new residents of Florida, we were immediately thrust into an unfamiliar health care system.  On December 10th Lou underwent surgery for a triple bypass.  The surgery was successful by complications soon developed.  He contracted an E-Coli infection in his lungs, underwent two more surgeries:  one for a tracheostomy, and the second for the insertion of a feeding tube.  During his illness, I was bombarded with medical procedures and quality of life decisions; which in my stressful condition, I needed clarification.  The majority of Lou's doctors were hard to communicate with due to foreign accents.  Being from Pennsylvania with no extended family nearby to act as a support group, I called upon Lannette Johnston, Registered Nurse Patient Advocate (iRNPA) for advice and help with understanding all the medical procedures Lou was enduring.  I spoke on the phone with Lannette daily and often had her speak with Lou's doctors.  By speaking to Lou's doctors, she was then able to educate me in "lay terms' on his treatment and prognosis.


I would like to cite an incident in which Lannette's medical intervention saved Lou from additional complications or death.  After being transferred from a local hospital to a rehab hospital, Lou's blood pressure drastically dropped during the night.  Upon arriving at the hospital early the next morning, the medical staff did not seem as concerned as I thought they should be.  I immediately called Lannette.  She told me the drop in blood pressure may be a sign of internal bleeding.  After Lannette spoke with Lou's doctor an ambulance was summoned and he was transferred to a local hospital.  He was treated for internal bleeding brought on by the drug Cumadin.  Lou was able to get the lifesaving treatment he needed.


Lou and I were truly blessed to have Lannette as our iRNPA.  Her compassion, drive, guidance, professionalism and medical expertise played a major role in Lou's recovery and restored health.




 Health Coaching 

Lannette Johnston Testimonial Health Coaching

Wendy Isenberg

I hired Lannette Johnston for health coaching when I had hit a plateau with my weight loss. I was frustrated and close to giving up. I began meeting with Lannette and she listened to me and helped me get a new plan set for my journey to better health. Her advice and encouragement were monumental in my journey. I was able to apply her advice and tips to my life to move forward with my goals. She is there for me anytime I have questions and when I get discouraged, she helps me to get back on track and think positively.


National Network of RN Patient Advocates

Stanford University

American Heart Association

National Association of Certified Heath Coaches

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

American Academy of Pediatrics Child Death Review Team, Centre County

Centre County Safe Kids Coordinator through the Department of Health

Centre County Women’s Resource Center

Visiting Nurses Association of America

National Association of Professional Women

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